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About Me

I am Lars Peterson. I am an artist in the USA, experimenting with Photography, Bodypainting, Digital Retouching and Illustration. I published my first work of art in 1977, and since then have enjoyed painting on trash, painting with acrylic and watercolor, creating stop-motion clay animations, films and videos, and dabbling in every style of art that I have been able to get my hands on. I believe art is the most powerful thing humans can create, and I am blessed to have the opportunities I have been given.
These days I enjoy traveling and participating in international bodypaint competitions and festivals, and playing with Crypto and NFT Illustrations.

Find my Art on the Interwebs

I am available for custom creations, bodypaintings and illustration.

For Bodypaint projects in the Seattle area, I charge $75/hour and deliver a gallery of unedited proofs and 3 full sized retouched master images. More images can be negotiated depending on the scope of the shoot. For projects that require travel, travel accommodations must also be covered.

Experience Art on the Blockchain!

Non-Fungible Tokens are tokenized assets (art) on the blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized method of record keeping with all kinds of utility and uses. Crypto currency lives on the blockchain, but is "fungible", meaning you can break it into smaller pieces. Art is not the same if you cut it into smaller parts, so we call tokenized art "non-fungible." These assets can be traded on the crypto market and can come with a variety of uses and features.

NFT Collections

My "Genesis" collection was my Noodle Doodles. After that I have created collections for my Bodypaintings, Derivitive Art, Charicatures, and my first collaboration project with Lobo_301: The Positive Pandas.

World Competitions

My first Bodypaint Competition was at the Living Art America show in 2016. Since then I have competed in the LAA 2017, Arnold Classic/Bodypaint Revolution in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022, the KSBAS Show in 2019, and the Worlds Bodypaint Festival in 2019 and 2021. I have also painted people for the Fremont Solstice Parade, the Seattle Pride Parade, and a handful of other events and shows.

Fashion and Glamour

Before Bodypaint and Cosplay shoots, I shot rock bands and fashion/glamour images. I do still shoot this kind of content on occasion, but only for paying gigs.

Online Photo Galleries

Click below to see my collections of Bodypaint and Glamour images.

Get in touch

Contact Me for collaborations, to book a photo session, or to inquire about custom art creations.

Venmo ID: @Lars-Peterson-9
My other NFT Collections:
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