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Crypto Art!

New NFT Gallery!

Ready to get in on collecting NFT's? (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the latest thing on the market and I have converted a bunch of my dirty doodles into crypto art! Check them out here on my OpenSea account:

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I only update and add new content here every so often, as it's just easier to push my new work to Instagram as I get it done. It will eventually get here, but if you're looking for the latest and greatest, follow me over on Instgram!

Art For Sale!

New Gallery Prints!

I now have a site setup that can do direct print orders. Posters, matted art, and even framed art! More galleries coming soon, but for now check it out here:

Carolina Bodypaint Guild

Haloween 2020!

I just flew out to NC to paint for a charity event in Raleigh, raising money to fight child trafficking. We also painted Halloween sweaters, pumpkin booties, and our own faces! Check out their FB page here:


2020 is weird.

So obviously the bodypaint and facepaint industry has been hit hard by the plague. Almost all artists, in fact, are suffering with not being able to gather, no shows, no contests, no traveling... it has been a surreal environment for all of us. I am still available for in-studio work only, and only with trusted people and under safe practices, but any public performances or contests I had been planning on are for now postponed until at least next year. Please wear a mask.

Jan Tana Columbus 2020

First USA Arnold Classic!

COVID-19 Hit right before my trip to Columbus, OH, where I competed in the Jan Tana Bodypaint Revolution. Quarantine dictaed that only competitors, judges, artists, and VIPs were allowed in. It was a bit surreal having such a big place to create in, with barely any audience! But we all pulled through and made amazing art anyways. Check out the Jan Tana page here:

Back to Barcelona!

Second time at Jan-Tana Bodypaint Revolution!

This year, I brought my Florida model, Sunshine from Tampa, to compete all 3 days in the Jan-Tana Bodypaint Revolution! Competition day theme was Comic Book Super Heors, and I chose Blue Beetle from DC Comics, and we came in 4th! Pics from the event are on my Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter. Such a beautiful city, and really fun event to be a part of.

World Bodypaint Festival 2019

Klagenfurt, here I come!

I was in Austria for the 22nd annual WBF, took four days of classes, created a lizard man for the Body Circus, and assisted Iris Iris from Italy in the Amateur Brush and Sponge Category, where we took 6th place! (we were only 7 points off of first!!) What an amazing adventure, I can't wait for next year! Check out the WBF page here:

Barcelona was beautiful!

Jan-Tana Bodypaint Revolution

I was honored to compete in Barcelona at the Jan-Tana Bodypaint Revolution, a part of the Arnold Classic - Europe! We had 9 artists from around the world, plus models and assistants, painting live in front of about 250,000 people for 3 days straight. Such an amazing collection of talent and beauty all in one place! Check out the Jan-Tana Facebook page here:

8th Place Baby!!

North American Bodypaint Championships

From 20th place in 2016 to 8th place in 2017, I am climbing my way to the top! My model this year was the adorable Ava Lockheart, and she killed it! It is such an honor to be able to compete and create with this amazing collection of talent from around the world. Many thanks to Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray for putting this show together, and to everyone involved in this production. Find out more about Living Art America on their site: